ZenToes U-Formed Felt Callus Pads | Offer protection to Calluses from Rubbing on Sneakers | Cut back Foot and Heel Ache | Pack of 24 1/8” Self-Stick Pedi Cushions

$11.99 (as of July 17, 2019, 11:45 am) & FREE Shipping. Details

PROTECT AND CUSHION calluses on the bottom of your feet and heels with ZenToes horse shoe shaped felt callus pads. These generous foot cushions are approximately 1/8″ thick. Across the top measures approximately 1.9″, the bottom 1.7″ and 2″ tall. The width of the interior of the U is approximately 0.6″.
REDUCE FRICTION and prevent calluses. The medical grade felt used in our callus pads helps prevent sensitive areas on your foot from rubbing against socks and shoes, preventing calluses from forming and protecting current calluses.
24 CUSHIONS IN EACH PACK create a barrier around bony areas on your foot to absorb pressure, reducing and relieving pain in your feet. Whether you stand on your feet all day, are a long distance runner, figure skater, or hiker, ZenToes Callus Cushions will hold up to your active lifestyle.

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