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This set is designed with 2 brushes to effortlessly style, define and maintain beautiful brows. GROOM: Use the Spoolie to comb and smooth stray brows. SHAPE: With brow product, use the Angled Liner to fill sparse areas of arch to create and define shape.
Brow shaping tip: To find your arch, place the brush at the tip of your nose and angle across the pupil. Where the brush lands on brow is where arch should be, and EcoTools Brow Shaping Duo is just what you need to help you place it perfectly.
Giving a new purpose to old things, our products are made from recycled aluminum and plastic; packaging made of 100% Tree-Free paper, with 20% cotton and 80% bamboo fibers; the handles on our products are made of bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants

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